Landscaping with Plantskydd Deer Repellent

Do your customers deal with animal browse issues?

Landscapers are constantly dealing with the health and look of their customer’s gardens, lawns, shrubs and trees. Discoloration, empty patches and dead or disfigured plants and trees can all be signs of animal pest damage.

Plantskydd can stop browsing deer, rabbits, voles, elk, moose, squirrels and chipmunks in their tracks, and allow plants to grow and thrive.

We want to help you protect your customer’s treasured gardens by adding a repellent program to your landscaping services.

Plantskydd Repellents are the #1 choice of professional landscapers, against Deer, Rabbit and Voles.

The best deer and rabbit repellent we’ve ever used!

You’ve probably just about given up on finding a really effective deer repellent — I know; I was there 4 years ago. Jack and I ended up fencing much of our yard after deer began coming right into the driveway to graze almost fearlessly during the drought! Well, those days are over, thanks to this… Read More

Plantskydd Landscaping Testimonials

If we hadn’t sprayed, we would have lost thousands of dollars in manpower and plantings.

7,000 acre golf and lake community solves “Deer Dilemma”

With the results achieved in our use of Plantskydd®, we have also recommended it to our property owners, who are equally impressed with the results.

Award Winning Landscape & Garden Design Company

We have used all of the deer repellents out there. Plantskydd Deer Repellent is the only one that has done the job for us !

Terra Dynamics on Plantskydd Deer Repellent

Since applying Plantskydd® deer browsing has stopped!

$250,000 ornamental landscape installation destroyed by elk herd !

Even the crabapple trees we replanted were left alone, and let me tell you, elk love crabapple trees. No more browsing, no more rubbing.

Build rapport & boost revenue for a win-win this season.

Find out how Plantskydd Animal Repellents can protect your customers’ treasured gardens.

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Our three formulations come in commercial sizes, offering convenience and value to customers like you. Plus, equipping your residential customers with our 1 qt. ready to use spray can empower your clients to keep deer, rabbits and voles at bay.

Liquid / Premixed

Sizes: 32 oz, 1.3 Gallon
Treats: 32 oz = approx. 100 plants 1 ft tall
Best for: plants over 2 feet high
Active growing season: Protects for 2-4 weeks – always treat new growth
Dormant season: Protects for 3-6 months
100% natural: Safe for people, pets, pollinators and plants
Made in the USA

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Sizes: 1 lb, 3.5 lb, 8 lb, 20 lb
Treats: 1 lb = approx. 500 sq feet
Best for: small critters, plants under 2 feet high, and border applications
Active growing season: Protects for 6-8 weeks
Dormant season: Apply at the start of season & before snow
100% natural: Organic OMRI listed
Made in the USA

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Powder Concentrate

Sizes: 1 lb, 2.2 lbs, 22 lb
Treats: 1 lb = approx. 400 plants 1 ft high
Best for: plants over 2 feet high
Active growing season: Protects for 2-4 weeks – always treat new growth
Dormant season: Protects for 3-6 months
100% natural: Organic OMRI listed
Made in the USA

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Application recommendations

Apply early

Apply often – every 2 to 3 weeks to new growth

Treat with both ready to use liquid and granular for best results on animals large and small

No need to reapply after every rainfall