$250,000 ornamental landscape installation destroyed by elk herd !

—  Plantskydd application stopped any further damage —

We are a landscape contracting firm in Steamboat Springs Colorado. We were privileged to install a $250,000 ornamental landscape on a very large property in a new subdivision nestled up to the mountains in Steamboat. Unfortunately, we soon discovered that a herd of about 100 elk bed down in the woods adjacent to the property. The herd promptly devoured just about every plant and tree we installed and destroyed what was left during the rut by rubbing the velvet off their antlers on the landscape trees. All the trees were killed but 2.

A tree care friend of mine suggested I use Plantskydd Deer (& Elk) Repellent. Since the first application, the elk have completely stopped stomping the grounds and destroying the plants. We use the product at the maximum recommended rate and apply monthly during the growing season. Before the rut we soak the bark of the trees. Our last application is as late as possible in the fall.

Even the crabapple trees we replanted were left alone, and let me tell you, elk love crabapple trees. No more browsing, no more rubbing.

As a side note, my gardener says it’s also an excellent foliar fertilizer. Thank you for this great product.


Feb.18, 2013

Alan Frackowiak / Landscaper
AJF Properties
Steamboat Springs, CO


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