Deer repellent works better than anything else…

Botanical gardens can be exquisite places of refuge and delight. They are also notoriously difficult to manage with many different plant varietals covering large areas.

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia is located in the stunning Athens, GA. Their vision is:

…to be a garden that celebrates the best in southern horticulture, natural heritage, and culture through excellence in gardening displays and practices, and stewardship of healthy natural eco-systems.

They have found Plantskydd to be an effective deer repellent – mixing the powder for liquid foliar applications and sprinkling granular on garden beds.

We use it as a deer repellent, and it works better than anything else we have used.”

–Shelly M Prescott, State Botanical Garden of Georgia

It’s a win-win: beautiful gardens, where butterflies can safely flit and wildlife can roam.

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