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In the United States deer browse causes an estimated $750 million in damage to forest regeneration programs. Besides immediate browse damage, residual problems include: growth suppression, future yield reductions, growth deformities, regeneration delays and plant mortality where plants are repeatedly browsed or pulled out of the ground. This is a cost the forest industry can no longer afford.

Plantskydd Deer Repellent has a proven record in controlling deer, elk and rabbit browse damage.

Plantskydd Has a Proven 12 Year Record Controlling Deer & Elk Damage

Plantskydd Deer Repellent has been an important silviculture tool within our Company’s reforestation program for over 12 years.

Pre-Treating seedlings at Nursery with Plantskydd® Animal Repellent

The combined application cost of Plantskydd product, and labor, was $0.015/seedling (1.5 ¢) when treating seedlings at the nursery, approximately 1/10th that of treating seedlings folllowing planting (15 ¢/seedling). Download Report – 6.5 MB .PDF Document 

Comparative Evaluation of Plantskydd® and Treeguard©

Plantskydd helps rebuild forests, restore ecosystems and protect waterways

 TimberWest In late August 1997, TimberWest – Sandspit Division, British Columbia, received and planted 520-550 hotlift cedar 415 D plugs. We open planted these trees with three different treatments: Control (no treatment) – 100 trees Treeguard© – 225 trees Plantskydd® – 225 trees All trees were fertilized with a SCHIRP teabag. The Plantskydd® and Treeguard©… Read More

Plantskydd® effectively reduced browsing of conifer seedlings by both deer and elk

An Evaluation of Chemical Repellents and Vexar Bud Caps to Reduce Winter Deer and Elk Browsing on Conifer Seedlings in Northern Idaho Brian W. Moser, Potlatch Corporation, Lewiston, ID ABSTRACT: Wintering deer and elk can cause extensive browsing damage to forest plantations. This study was undertaken to identify the cost-effectiveness of two repellents (Plantskydd and… Read More

Plantskydd deer repellent on Hardwood — Oak and Green Ash

LSU AgCenter Research & Extension Mr. Richard Getzkow Plantskydd Products October 15, 2001 Dear Richard: Please note the results of the follow-up study with Plantskydd® repellent, conducted on timberlands owned by A. Wilbert Sons LLC from Plaquemine, La. This phase of the study involved flagging selected browse species followed by the application of Plantskydd® repellent… Read More

Silviculture – Protecting Seedlings Operational Field Trial Results

Silviculture Branch Ministry of Forests, British Columbia “Of the 15 tests for which there are results that I reviewed, 13 have been rated by field foresters as successful. The tests indicate that Plantskydd® is effective in protecting Cedar seedlings for between 3 and 6 months. The results clearly indicate that the product is practical for operational… Read More

Since 1991

Plantskydd® was first developed in Sweden in 1991 in response to commercial forest plantations being decimated by deer, moose and rabbits. The forest industry needed an animal repellent that could last through severe weather and meet Sweden’s strict environmental laws.

Plantskydd’s effectiveness as a long lasting animal browse repellent was substantiated in Field Trials 1991-1994 and the results published in the Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research – J. Berquist & G. Olander, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences – ASA Forest Research Station, 1996.

In Canada and the United States, Plantskydd’s effectiveness as an animal browse deterrent has been confirmed since 1994 in Operational Level Field Trials undertaken by large forest industry cooperators on millions of conifer and deciduous trees of various species.

It is now considered the most cost-effective and environmentally safe animal browse deterrent available and is used by leading forest companies, nurseries, private woodlot owners, landscapers, home gardeners, as well as State/Provincial and Federal Conservation agencies.

Available in either soluble powder, pre-mix or granular formulation, Plantskydd repels: deer, elk, moose, rabbits and opossum by means of odor – which is not offensive to either applicators or planters either during or after plant treatment.

Effective For Up to 6 months!

Plantskydd’s effectiveness as an animal browse deterrent has been confirmed in operational conditions since 1993 by large forestry companies on millions of conifer and deciduous trees of various species. Plantskydd’s effectiveness is attributed to its tenacity in sticking to plants, even under severe snow/rainfall – lasts up to 6 months over winter on dormant plants!

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