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What Retailers have to say about Plantskydd


“This 100% natural, environmentally safe spray is simply the best I’ve ever found, and I’ve tried them all. You will love spraying just once every few months—instead of after every rainfall. This makes Plantskydd far more economical than most animal repellents. The real advantage is simple. Plantskydd WORKS!”

Karen Park Jennings
Park Seed Company
Greenwood, SC



Plantskydd has been the most successful of the multitude of products on the shelf to keep deer away.”

Robyn Holland
Western Sierra Nursery
Oakhurst, CA



“We put Plantskydd Animal Repellents in both stores last spring and it did really well. They have a great marketing plan, POP, signage and a Dealer Locator on their website.

It was advertised last year on the radio by Petitti Garden Centers, and we had customers coming in for it. So we tried it and are very happy. It works better than liquid fence, lasts longer and doesn’t smell !

Dale Marvin
Ace Hardware
Hudson, OH



“We’ve had hundreds of accounts tell us nothing works as well, or as long, as Plantskydd.”

Joel Klessens—Wholesale Division
Alaska Garden & Pet
Anchorage, AK



“We have been pleased to offer Plantskydd to our customers for several years. Their helpful service and quality product make Plantskydd a valued vendor. Our customers return for Plantskydd time after time, as it is an effective deterrent that is the longest lasting repellent we have found – even in our wet climate.”

Matt Pommer
Squak Mt. Greenhouses & Nursery
Issaquah, WA



Bainbridge Gardens has been buying Plantskydd now for about 6-7 years. We have tried many repellents over the years and Plantskydd is now one of only two deer repellents that we sell—simply because it works, and our customers keep coming back for more. Our best selling Plantskydd product has consistently been the quart size RTU spray. My orders always arrive promptly, are well packed and arrive in great condition. It is always a pleasure working with Randy.”

Steve Minch
Bainbridge Gardens
Bainbridge Island, WA



“Every spring we do mass plantings of petunias in the rockeries and planters around the nursery. Progressively the deer were becoming more aggressive in their feeding upon the plants….to the degree that we stopped planting containers on the roadside. We began carrying Plantskydd a few years ago and, since we had just recently replanted a rockery bed that was massacred by deer, I anxiously awaited the shipment so I could try it. I applied the Plantskydd to all of the petunias in the rockery and planters and found in the morning that deer had left tracks all around one of the wine barrels but had not touched a plant.  We have not lost a petunia since we started using the product.

When a customer tells us they’re having deer problems—whether it be the deer turning their arborvitae into topiaries or walking up on their porches to devour their flowers—we confidently recommend Plantskydd. They’re amazed how effective the product is and they make repeat purchases.”

Mike Chase
Leavenworth Nursery
Renton, WA



101 Plants and Things has been using Plantskydd for about 5 years now and we are very happy with it. The local Fish and Wildlife people introduced us to it when we went to them for a solution to the deer, which had become a problem in the nursery. They were using it very successfully to keep the Elk in the Coos Bay watershed from travelling down into people’s yards and the local park and recommended it to us.

This product really works! It does not wash off !  We only spray 2-3 times a year.”

Pat Kerker
101 Plants and Things
Brandon, OR



“People simply say it works and they keep coming back for more. We were the first Conservation District to sell Plantskydd ten years ago.”

Eric Ertel
Bay County Soil and Water Conservation District
Bay City, MI



We’ve never advertised and have tons of repeat salesPlantskydd makes an excellent repellent. It really does work.”

Dale Olson
Sawyer County Soil and Water Conservation
Hayward, WI



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