7,000 acre golf and lake community solves “Deer Dilemma”

Reynolds Plantation

Dear Plantskydd®:

I am writing to thank you for such a wonderful product as Plantskydd®. Reynolds Plantation is an over 7,000 acre upscale resort and residential community on Lake Oconee just outside Atlanta. We have a very natural setting with a very large deer population that has been, through the years, a constant struggle to deal with. About a year and a half ago, we found Plantskydd® and began to try it out. Initially we were rather skeptical because we have tried all the other deer repellant products and did not see very good long term results. However, after just a couple of applications we were beginning to be impressed. And today, we are still impressed!

The product is mainly used for our annual color plantings (pansies and violas in the winter season and begonias, petunias, impatiens, salvias, etc. in the summer season) and has had remarkable results. The season prior to using Plantskydd®, we averaged deer browsing on approximately 75% of the plant material used. The next season was a different story completely – less than 10% deer browsing on the color plantings. And that was during the winter season when the browsing is usually much more severe!

We have since used the product on all types of landscape plantings, including new installations and on plants that have normally been very susceptible to deer damage, and have found the same results as with the color plantings. With the results achieved in our use of Plantskydd®, we have also recommended it to our property owners, who are equally impressed with the results. Several of the property owners who have used Plantskydd® and liked the results, have since dismantled their electric deer fences that surrounded the perimeter of their property, thus creating a more pleasing outside appearance for their home.

And it’s not just the Owners Association and property owners that are impressed. Being a resort community with 81 holes of the finest golf in the country, we have a steady stream of visitors who are amazed as they ride throughout the property and see deer everywhere, yet very little damage to our landscape plantings. This makes us very happy to have found such an effective product that has helped ease one of our most persistent struggles. Thank you again for such a wonderful product!

Lee Padgett, Landscape Manager
Reynolds Plantation Owners Association
September 22, 2000

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