Customer Service Testimonials

“What exceptional value you add to your company!”

This is fantastic!  I hope you forward this on to your supervisor and they know what exceptional value you add to your company!  I was given a single box of Plantskydd to try and didn’t like the foaming or filtering needed to use the product.  I planned to use to a different product until I spoke with you. Customer service is the most important factor in purchasing products. Because of your service, I am planning to make Plantskydd our go-to product for the foreseeable future and we will be purchasing additional product.

Thank you,
Pierce Landscape

“I will surely spread the word!”

Thank you very much for the excellent pump and extra container of Plantskydd which arrived yesterday. It is kind and very generous of you to send these. Since I used the spray on my plants/flowers, we have not seen any sign of rabbit-nibbling – and new little buds are forming. I will surely spread the word!

Kind regards,
Miensie Kloppers

I’ve never encountered such a customer-oriented vendor, nor used a product that is so effective. 

I recently had the pleasure and good fortune of reaching Sarah White when I contacted Tree World. I have about 300 Hostas in my yard and am regularly visited by deer, despite applying products to deter them for years (e.g. Liquid Fence, Deer Off, etc.).

I had purchased some Plantskydd locally and was having trouble with application (bright red spots on the plant leaves and applicator plugging).  Lucky for me, I called Tree World and reached  Sarah. She suggested that I dilute the “ready to use” product about 1/3 with water, be sure to shake it well, and that I clean the spray nozzle following use.  This worked perfectly – the discoloration was only minimally visible and the sprayer stopped plugging!   Best of all, I haven’t seen a deer in my yard once in 3 wks!!!  

I do have to report that deer did eat some potted annual flowers, but left the Hostas alone.  I wondered why until I remembered that I hadn’t since sprayed the annuals! Since then, we’ve had well over an inch of rain so I reapplied the Plantskydd to all plants, and am happy to report that all is well.

In short, Sarah was a godsend.  She provided very helpful product information and followed up in checking with me about the outcome.  In addition to being so supportive and informative, she sent me some product (granular & liquid) along with a sprayer!  I’ve never encountered such a customer oriented/supportive vendor, nor used a product that is so effective. Please let Sarah White know what a fine and valued representative of your company she is and that she is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

Barb Cook
Mankato, MN

“Without that nice attention and great customer service, I would not have placed the order so quickly and confidently!”

Thank you for all the super, great information!

I found out about this product through searching on the internet and I think what really sold me was reading about how the country of Sweden created this product to help with their forests.  …I  have a respect for that country and how they approach their environment so that kind of sold me… and seeing that it is a natural product is also a plus.

…As I said on the phone, I always get a bit anxious ordering things that I am not familiar with but you were extremely helpful and very patient with all of my questions.  So, without that nice attention and great customer service, I would not have placed the order so quickly and confidently!  Now, I appreciate the thorough information for application processes and best results that I received in the email.  We will look forward to working with you in the future.

Thanks again & HAPPY SPRING!

Annie Taylor, Foxglove Gardening
Flagstaff, AZ

“I will recommend your products to anyone I speak to and tell them about this experience.”

I purchased a bottle of Plantskydd (the spray type) at a local nursery but when I tried to use it, I couldn’t get anything to come out no matter what I did. I cleaned the nozzle and sprayer a few times and also shook the bottle like crazy to no avail. I was going to return it to the nursery but then decided to call the manufacturer instead. I got the 800 number of TreeWorld and talked to a perfectly wonderful person and I’m so sorry I didn’t get her name. When I explained the problem she asked for the lot number stamped on the bottle. Turns out it was old stock. She told me she would put a new bottle on UPS the next day. I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am and how courteous and helpful she was. I will recommend your products to anyone I speak to and tell them about this experience.

Thank you.

Dianne Garrity
Luck, WI

“Thank you for taking the time to assure safe delivery.”

Just a note to thank you for notifying UPS about the delivery of my order. It actually came tonight (Monday), but we were home from our trip, so it was perfect — and we don’t have to wait around tomorrow for delivery. We hope your product keeps the deer away from our plants — it has been highly recommended. If it works, we will be ordering more — at which time we will call to ask about how to arrange delivery. But for now, THANK YOU for taking the time to assure safe delivery — we appreciate your efforts!


John Jennings
Washington, DC

“Thanks for your superb customer service!”

Thank you for your assistance in replacing a faulty quart purchase of Plantskydd at no cost to me.

I have scanned and attached a copy to the invoice purchase from Ag West Supply in Hillsboro, Oregon in the body of the email below. Thanks for your superb customer service!

Art Heckel
Beaverton, OR

“Other businesses should learn by your example !”

I just wanted you to know that I had to go home last night and tell my husband what a pleasure it was talking with you and Randy yesterday. You were both so nice to work with! Thanks again, and yes, let’s hope I get my Plantskydd this time; the bunnies were watching me out in the yard over the weekend, heading into the garden for their snacks! Please thank Randy for me for all his help in shipping this out again. I am going to call UPS with this tracking number now and alert them to the address it needs to come to.

Best Regards,

Judy Nelson
Dennis, MA

PS- thanks so much for taking the time to follow-up with the tracking #; other businesses should learn by your example!

“Astounding! I am overwhelmed at your response, service, and customer care.”

I am beyond words — I received your parcel on Friday, which was only a day or two since we first chatted. Astounding! I am overwhelmed at your response, service, and customer care. I am especially grateful for the assortment of products and goodies you included in the package and can’t wait to try the Plantskydd soluble powder. Having spent the entire weekend in the garden, I now have the opportunity to expand my world with your great deer repellents.

Thank you immensely for your courtesy and generosity. I am delighted with you, your company and of course the ‘magic juice’ that keeps my beautiful plants alive and well.

Please let me know of your supervisor’s or owner’s contact information because I would like to let he or she know how happy I am with your assistance and kindness. As well, feel free to pass this note along to that person on my behalf.

 " my beautiful plants alive and well "

I have attached a photo that should give you an idea of how well Plantskydd works here in the land of deer. Enjoy!

Here’s hoping that you had a glorious long weekend and thank you again for making my summer 🙂

Kim McWade,
Cobble Hill, BC

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