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Testimonial for the deer repellent, Plantskydd®

In the thirteen years that I have worked for the College of the Redwoods, I have tried many remedies for the problem of browsing deer. Most were commercially available deer repellents while some were homemade cures ranging from soap shavings to hair swept up from a barber’s floor. Amazingly some worked, but none of them for very long, and we were losing the battle to save our landscape from depredation so severe that some of our trees and shrubs were in danger of dying.

In desperation, I contacted Fish and Game; they said to put up fencing. Then, by chance, I was speaking with our local Ag Commissioner when he told me of a new product that was supposed to be effective in repelling deer. He also told me that this product called Plantskydd® is so safe that is isn’t even regulated by the EPA!

I telephoned Tree World, the North American distributor of Plantskydd®, and ordered a sample amount just to give it a try. Wow, what results! The deer stayed completely away from those plants that were treated, and even after weeks of rain, did not return to those plants for over a month. I immediately ordered a larger shipment of Plantskydd® and began a program of treating the more than two dozen species of ornamentals that were being impacted by the deer. We’ve been using Plantskydd® for almost two years now with about ninety-five percent efficiency. We are even starting to replant species that we had given up on as being impossible to grow in our deer infested environment. I think that it’s better than fencing!

Steve Sandeen, Head Gardener
College of the Redwoods

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