Xeriscaping Plantskydd Testimonial

“I recently spent over $4,000 xeriscaping our front yard”…



I recently spent over $4,000. xeriscaping our front yard drive strip. The day after planting the deer were treating my new plants like salad.

I purchased several products to discourage my deer friends and they seemed to think it was nothing more than salad dressing. The fight was on !!!

After one application of Plantskydd the deer treat my new plantings like an atomic waste dump. Finally something that really appears to work. Although Plantskydd is, in my mind, extremely expensive, it is far less expensive than continually buying new salad for the deer. I have tried various products and this one actually works. I highly recommend it.


J. Conder, UTAH – August 31, 2009


(xeriscaping – noun – a style of landscaping design requiring little or no irrigation or maintenance; used where water conservation is a concern.)

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