Rabbit Problem

The only thing I have used for the last 10 years.


Here in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, I don’t have a deer problem. But in early spring, before the grass and clover come up, I have a rabbit problem.

They will not touch some bulbs, like daffodils, but they will destroy crocus, tulips and lilies.

I started using Plantskydd about 10 years ago, and the critters do not touch anything I spray with it.

It is nearly impossible to use the product in small sprayers, which are easily clogged. I use a 3 gallon pump sprayer that sends out a fine spray or a stream up to 15 feet.

As soon as possible in early spring, I spray all areas where bulbs are due to come up. The spray lasts a long time, but I like to go back after a month or six weeks, and give the garden another blast.

The product is very expensive, but when you are protecting thousands of dollars of bulbs, annuals and perennials, the cost is nothing.


March 21, 2010
Jim Kochevar, Chicago, Illinois

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