Plantskydd Testimonial Rabbits & Meadow Voles


“6000 native (PNW) plants that were being chewed to pieces
by rabbits, meadow voles.”


The ONLY ONE that works . . .

I have over 6000 native (PNW) plants that were being chewed to pieces as fast as I could plant them by rabbits and meadow voles. I tried every product on the shelf—all truely vile things. The only one that worked (and I’m talking completely worked-not a chew mark on any plant I’ve sprayed) has been Plantskydd.

Just one suggestion for the powder formula-mix it with water hours(or over night) before you want to use it. The recommendation is for at least 20 minutes but that just isn’t long enough. Be sure to strain it carefully into your sprayer and if you’re out in the field, bring a baby jar of clean water to clean the nozzle of the sprayer (take the nozzle off, put in baby jar and gently shake).

It was so nice to find a product that worked exactly as advertised.

By Patrick Ryan, April 2009


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