Winter Deer Repellent

winter-deerI used Plantskydd through the winter. It was a success!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written but I wanted to give you the courtesy of a reply to your email last autumn about Plantskydd.

I took your advice and used the paint straining, mesh filter after mixing the powder and THAT DID THE TRICK!

I used Plantskydd through the winter, which went on record as the worst in 100 years with the Polar Vortex, etc….. The deer were eating everything but did make a wide circle around the sprayed plants. When the snow got too high to walk through, I couldn’t reach the shrubs and trees to re-spray and they nibbled… just nibbled, but not down to the ground.

It was a success! Thank you for the supplies and advice.

I’ll need to order some again soon. I am very happy!

Julie Foley, Master Gardener
Albrightsville, PA
July 2014

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