Shotgun for deer no longer needed !

No-DeerShotgun for deer no longer needed !


My husband went ahead and purchased a couple boxes of Plantskydd locally — wanted to see how it worked.

I have to share this with you. We sprayed Wednesday AM — mostly because there were 6 HUGE bucks in our backyard this morning. One had antlers so large, it looked more like an elk than a deer. THAT got us moving to get that Plantskydd on the trees and shrubs!

That evening around 7:30, I see a pair of antlers, then another, starting to come up into our yard from the ravine behind. Now – this I have NEVER seen before – they suddenly took a U-turn and off they went!! I guess they could smell the Plantskydd! I love it!

So, we opened up the second box and finished our spraying of the property this AM. I can now go to bed without wanting to stay up 24/7 with a shotgun waiting for those varmints to appear at all hours of the night!

What a great product.

Cheri Rightmyer / MONTANA


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