Rabbit Pest Problem


You have solved our rabbit pest problem.


I am actually writing this to praise your product. I say actually because I am surprised. Every year we fight with rabbits. They have babies in our flower beds and they then destroy our vegetable gardens. We live trapped them, we used other organic sprays, and our dog chased them, but they would not leave. Nothing stopped them—until now!

I then used your product 1 time and we have not even seen a rabbit in over a week, whereas before we would see 5 to 6 daily. My neighbours liked it so much we sprayed their yards as well. Thank you for making a product that works so well. You have solved our rabbit pest problem and I am recommending your product to everyone. You can definitely use my testimony on your website.


Matt Larson, June 2014
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

UPDATE: Three of my other neighbours also recently purchased and used your product.
We now have no rabbits on the street!
We are all just taken aback at how effective and quick it works.

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