Terra Dynamics on Plantskydd Deer Repellent

“Since applying Plantskydd® deer browsing has stopped!”

Experts in Landscaping & Reliability

We are very pleased with the results we have experienced with your product.

As public and commercial landscape contractors, we have previously tried many products to control deer browsing. Typically we experience poor results. This is not true of Plantskydd®.

Based on the large timber companies listed in your brochure, we initially tried Plantskydd® to test around our personal residence. Following initial deer browsing, we sprayed Plantskydd® on our geraniums and roses. Since applying Plantskydd®, deer browsing has stopped!

To confirm the effectiveness, we attempted to make our treated potted plants even more inviting to the deer by moving them farther away from the house. Despite numerous visits by deer, as shown by daily fresh tracks, the deer have not eaten any plants once they have been treated with Plantskydd®. This is wonderful! We, not the deer, are finally able to enjoy the flowers at our house.

As stated in your literature, the flowers initially darkened when sprayed. However, by the next day the Plantskydd® had dried and the original colours of the plant returned. We have not witnessed any long term changes in the flowers sprayed, except that the deer no longer eat them. Also as stated in your literature, there is no offensive odor, either during or after installation. Our flowers have now been treated for approximately two months. The rain we get here does not seem to alter the effectiveness of the Plantskydd®.

Our firm is currently installing all landscaping on a 1300 acre development near Seattle. Many of the small trees have been damaged by deer browsing. Because we have seen the effectiveness of Plantskydd® firsthand, we have recommended it be used to treat all plants on the site that are suspect to browsing.

– Kevin Steiner, Terra Dynamics Inc.
Seattle, Wa.

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