Plantskydd Testimonials

The deer in my neighbourhood are unaware of the plants they aren’t supposed to eat …they simply eat everything.

This note is to tell you how pleased I am with the product Plantskydd. Quite by accident, I discovered this product in the spring at a local garden centre in Port Carling, Ontario.  The store owner casually mentioned that she used Plantskydd and consequently the deer don’t come around to her gardens.

Over the years, I’ve tried every method to deter deer from my property, even planting items that deer aren’t supposed to eat. However, the deer in my neighbourhood are unaware of the plants they aren’t supposed to eat…they simply eat everything. I figured I had nothing to lose, except the cost of one bottle of Plantskydd, so I took it home to try out.

I was truly amazed and so are my neighbours who are still using egg wash or the Irish Spring soap approach as well as other deterrents that are proving useless as always. For the first time in years, the lilies on our property bloomed and the leaves stayed in tact for the whole season. The planters full of impatients, petunias and other deer delectables have not been touched.

When the bottle was almost finished, the sprayer stopped working properly, and I tried using several spray nozzles from other bottle without success. For the first little while after initial use, our property smells like an abattoir, but it soon goes away. Aside from the sprayer breaking down and the smell, Plantskydd is absolutely fantastic. I will use the product again next season on my property and encourage my neighbours to buy it as well.

Debbie Adams
Port Carling, Ontario
September 2008

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