Plantskydd Testimonials

One autumn application protected my plants the whole winter.

Plantskydd WORKS !!!

I have tried about every product out there but this is the only deer repellent product that really works.

I have a 5′ Golden Hinoki in the front yard that I call my “deer lollipop” because it is the first plant the deer go to as the winter sets in. I had to replace this little tree 2 consecutive years because the deer browse was so severe.

Last fall I applied Plantskydd in a last ditch effort. With the first snow came the deer tracks, very interesting deer tracks. The deer ambled up to the lollipop tree, took one sniff, and bolted off in another direction.

Over the whole winter I could not find a single bite out of any plant treated with Plantskydd. One autumn application (with 1 or 2 good sunny days to dry) protected my plants the whole winter.

I have used both the 1 qt premixed sprayer and the 2.2 lb concentrate which I had to mix with water; both were effective in my yard!!

P. Barber
Freehold, NJ

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