Plantskydd Testimonials

“This Plantskydd Repellent works so well it almost sounds too good to be true.”

Excerpt from— Ben Meadows Company Catalog, 2008-09

We tried just about every product on the market and were ready to throw our hands in the air when we decided to give Plantskydd’s spray a go. Made in the USA, 100% natural, with environmentally friendly ingredients sounded good, but unlikely to do the job. We sprayed our already-nibbled-on trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials.  The results shocked us! Yes sirree, Bob! The spray is nothing short of a miracle. We suffered for years, battling with deer, squirrel, rabbit and chipmunk trespassers. Thanks to Plantskydd, those pesky critters are long gone.”

Kelly Rae, Georgia

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