Plantskydd Deer Repellent for Agriculture

Plantskydd has been proven to protect crops from deer damage across the United States.

Preventing Deer Damage to Soybeans Using Plantskydd Deer Repellent – Penn State Evaluation

The application really reduced deer feeding at that point as the deer left the fields for about 10 days. Rainfall was minimal during that period. The soybeans were able to recover and develop substantial leaf growth. The deer damage in untreated strips in the field was eliminated as well.

Eliminating Deer / Squirrel Damage in 1,000 Acres of Vineyards Using Plantskydd Animal Repellent Spray

“Once Plantskydd is applied, the damage virtually stops and so long as a follow up application is made 10-14 days later, the vines get through the critical phase.”

Protecting New Apple Trees from Deer Damage

New Dwarf Apple Trees, 2013, 2014, 2015 We planted 101 new dwarf apple trees this year (2013) and they came out so well, we plan on putting in another 200 next year. We are in Northern Vermont and we have more than our share of deer. An orchardist friend of mine told me I’d never… Read More

Preventing Deer Damage to Corn

“Total yield this year was 17,724 pounds. An amazing result for our two acre tract. Once again, Plantskydd certainly kept local deer in check with the perimeter spraying, as you suggested. This year, we sprayed the perimeter of corn 3 times to prevent deer from eating the silk for the corn.” James P Renshaw  … Read More

Case Study: Preventing deer damage to grape vines, using Plantskydd Deer Repellent

“I have been using the product for 3 growing seasons. Our results have improved each year as we become more familiar with the pattern and habits of the deer.

Case Study: Preventing deer damage on newly planted fruit trees

“As of the beginning of September I have been seeing a lot of deer in the orchard and I have to say I’m impressed. I’m seeing the deer eat mature trees along fence rows but they’re leaving the young treated trees alone”

Plantskydd is the #1 choice of professional growers and SAFE for use on Food Crops!

Plantskydd is used by farmers and orchardists to protect from animal browse damage the following crops: Soybeans, corn, grapes, fruit/nut trees, blueberries, cauliflower, cotton, pumpkins, strawberries, vegetables, watermelon and more.

Tank Mixing Instructions with Ryan Jenkins, Florida farmer

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Increase Your Yield and Save $$$

Deer can Devastate Crop overnight!

Crops like Soybeans and Cotton need to be protected right out of the ground. The first application must be made shortly after emergence.

1st Application
2nd Application
Past the period of danger


Unlike other repellents that quickly lose their effectiveness after irrigating or rainfall, Plantskydd is rain and snow resistant. It does not require immediate re-application after irrigation or rainfall.

Use Spreader / Sticker when broadcasting.

We expreienced a 30% increase in yield — representing well over $1 million!

Plantskydd will definitely be included in our plans next year and we will likely use it on more acreage where we suspect underperforming sites.

Matt Boughner
Viticulture Management Inc.
Livermore, CA

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Damage to the trees was dramatically reduced immediately after the first application of Plantskydd and complete control was achieved once adequate coverage was acheived.

By the end of Summer, browse damage from deer was virtually eliminated.

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Products displaying the OMRI seal have undergone and passed a strict, independent evaluation to ensure they comply with USDA organic standards. When a product is OMRI Listed, farmers and certifiers can trust it is allowed in USDA certified organic operations, and tests below the allowed levels of pathogens and heavy metals.

— 2 Year Field Trial Report —

Managing deer damage to grape vines with Plantskydd Repellent

Before Treatment: Deer relentlessly
browse back any new tender
growth out of the tube.
After Treatment: Deer damage was
completely stopped.

Overview: 155 acre vineyard planted in stages over the last few years, with deer now roaming throughout. Deer damage has become intolerable, especially on the youngest 50 acres. Riparian zones run through the property making fencing impractical.

Jack Ringe, Farm Manager, Precept Wines
Walla Walla, Washington


Plantskydd is exempt from federal EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) pesticide registration. Plantskydd contains no synthetic additives, is non-toxic and is not harmful to animals, plants or the environment.

The ‘active’ ingredient is dried bloodmeal — recognized by the EPA as an environmentally safe ingredient.

In the United States, *bloodmeal* is an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) exempted product/minimum risk pesticide and is exempt from the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act requirements, specifically under Section 25(b) c.f. Federal Register, 61(45), Mar. 6, 1996 and therefore is not subject to federal registration.

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