Managing Deer Browse Damage in a Vineyard with Plantskydd Animal Repellent

Spring 2015 to Present

Field Trial Results Escondido, California



Our Problem

Our Vineyard is 4.5 Acres and on the north side as you can see in the picture below we have deer netting separating our vineyard from 100 acres of overgrown weeds and brush and on the south side we have granite that we did note fence and the deer eventually found their way into our vineyard.

North Side

South Side

Our Equipment is a 5 gallon sprayer and we only sprayed the vines about 10 feet into each row.

“We spray now the first sign of budding and we apply 3 treatments over a period of two months.

It has worked extremely well using the amounts recommended by Plantskydd and we also use it on plants in our flower gardens and it keeps the rabbits away.

We have recommended Plantskydd to everyone growing grapes in our area and it has worked for them as well. GREAT PRODUCT!!!”

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