Young Pecan Trees vs. Deer Damage – Deer will win without Plantskydd Deer Repellent

2017 Field Trial Results by Adam & Tammy Halfmann, Midland, Texas


Evidence of the Deer:


July 14, 2017


September, 2017



Before Plantskydd (taken at first application):

Tree without damage : April 1, 2017


Tree with damage : April 1, 2017


During Plantskydd (taken at second application):

Tree Without damage April 11, 2017


Tree with damage recovering April 11,2017


We mixed 1 ounce of Elimino and 2 ounces of Vestis along with 1 package (2.2 lbs) of Plantskydd per 8 gallons of water. Our water PH is 7.3. This treated 1,000 trees. We applied it by mixing it in a 4-wheeler sprayer and individually sprayed each tree. First application was April 1, 2017 followed up again April 11, 2017.



Applied by Adam Halfmann on April 1, 2017


Applied by Adam Halfmann on April 11, 2017


General Observations:

We used 1 package to 8 gallons of water. It mixed very well and went through the nozzles on the sprayer with no issues. We observed a 100% success rate with no evidence of deer damage following the treatments. 


Economic Impact:

We cannot provide a cost estimate for past damage as occurred, however we can state that we had 100% reduction on the treated areas. 


After Plantskydd


Tree without original deer damage taken on July 6, 2017


Tree with original deer damage taken on October 9, 2017


Results/Personal Opinion:

We are firm believers in Plantskydd products. We had numerous young trees damaged by deer in 2016. As buds were beginning to break in 2017, we knew we had to try something.  A Plantskydd flyer came in the mail and we were sceptical, but after reading past trials, decided to take the risk. We were amazed as we saw immediate results. Since our applications, we have seen deer on camera, however we have not seen any deer damage since. We will be applying again during bud break in 2018!

–Adam & Tammy Halfmann, Midland, Texas
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