Plantskydd Has a Proven 12 Year Record Controlling Deer & Elk Damage




Plantskydd Deer Repellent has been an important silviculture tool within our Company’s reforestation program for over 12 years. The product has a proven record for us in controlling deer and elk browse damage; particularly in areas where adverse ground conditions limit the options for use of other seedling protection devices. The high cost of seedling establishment is a major challenge for our forest company in areas where browsing adversely affects crop tree growth and survival. Plantskydd offers us a cost effective solution under adverse site conditions and remote access operations.

Plantskydd will continue to be a part of our coastal forestry strategy in the management and maintenance of our silviculture program.

John Clarke, RPF,
Silviculture/Administrative Forester
Terminal Forest Products Ltd.
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

January 2009

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