Slocan Field Trial

Slocan Forest Products Ltd.
Vavenby Division, Vavenby, BC

March 29, 1999

To Whom it May Concern

Slocan Forest Products Vavenby Division has been an industry cooperator for the field trials of Plantskydd® since 1996. We treated blocks that were severely impacted by deer browse. At the time approx. 100,000 seedlings per year experienced considerable damage due to browsing.

Upon the application of Plantskydd® the browse incidence decreased by 90 percent and in many plantations ceased to exist.

As the program is only half completed it is critical that a supply of the product is available for continued use. If not, many plantations will again be in jeopardy or peril and our silvicultural obligation (sufficient regeneration and adequate stocking) may be impossible to meet. It is our opinion that this non-toxic biodegradable product is a critical solution to the deterrent of browsing and also meets the environmental standards of the 90s.


Andrew Morrell
Silvicultural Technician

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