Rabbits and deer eating perennials and spring flowering bulbs

“….Rabbits, deer….for the first time EVER…not a nibble!”

I love this product! (Plantskydd Animal Repellent)
I applied it in early spring to all of the perennials and spring flowering bulbs that the rabbits usually chomp to the ground and for the first time EVER–not a nibble. When the deer started chewing on my ‘Stella d’Oro’ daylilies outside the fence, I sprayed–they haven’t touched them again. Developed in Sweden, Plantskydd is non-toxic and is not harmful to animals or the environment when used as directed. The best part is that it provides plants with up to 4 months protection during the active growing season and up to 6 months of protection over winter.

Terry L. Yockey,
Master Gardener, Minnesota
January 2005

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