“it’s always easier to prevent problems” Using deer repellents BEFORE deer start tasting plants


Deer repellent with oil binder works well

Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary manager and Master Gardener Pat Munts of Spokane reports that Plantskydd®, a bloodmeal-based deer repellent with a vegetable oil binder or fixative, works better than anything she’s ever tried to protect plants from hungry deer.

Munts, who also works at a local nursery and writes a gardening column for the Spokesman-Review, swears she doesn’t have stock in the company but just wants to share a tip for fellow gardeners who struggle with marauding deer.

Lots of repellents are made from bloodmeal, which studies show is more effective than bitter-tasting or pepper-based products because it smells like a predator. But they all wash off with rain or snow. The vegetable oil binder in Plantskydd® keeps it on the plant and effective for several months at a time.

Plantskydd® (translates as “plant protection”) is made in Sweden [now made in USA] where it was originally developed in 1991 for commercial forest plantations protection. It’s available at many garden supply stores across Washington.

Munts advises using deer repellents of any kind BEFORE deer start tasting plants, as it’s always easier to prevent problems than to break deer-feeding habits.

Crossing Paths with wildlife in Washington’s towns and cities
2004 Fall Newsletter – (Page.7)
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife


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