Keep deer from killing trees

“…Deer did not touch them all winter….It lasted six months.”

Nicola from Tree World asked if I would e-mail you about our experience with Plantskydd.  Nicola contacted me a few years ago regarding the product and asked if she could send us a sample to try out.  It sat in our office for about a year and one day a producer came in and was complaining that the deer were killing his trees.  It was in the fall of the year and the trees were dormant, so we gave him the 1 lb. powder concentrate to use in his shelterbelts.  He applied the Plantskydd and the deer did not touch them all winter (and we have long winters in North Dakota).  It lasted six months.

After we got that testimonial, we ordered a supply to have on hand in the spring when we planted trees and had a hard time keeping enough in stock.  Since then, we have made sure we have a good supply on hand.  People use it on their trees and even in their gardens (flower & vegetable) to repel deer and rabbits.  We mostly sell the 1 lb. and 2.2 lb. concentrate, but have handled a lot of the pre-mix 1 qt. for those that don’t want to mess with mixing it.  And the pre-mixed liquid jug for bigger jobs.

Some of our producers were leery, because they had tried other deer repellents that did not work.  But they found that Plantskydd did. I would highly recommend you give it a try.

Martha Haug
Eastern Grand Forks County Soil Conservation District
Grand Forks ND
October 2005

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