Plantskydd Testimonials

“… I tried your product this year with amazing results..”


Just wanted to let you know that I tried your product this year with amazing results.

I have had an increasing problem with white tailed deer in the last 4 years. Their feeding in our garden has started earlier and has progressed to many “deer resistant” plants. At a friend’s suggestion I bought Plantskydd and applied it to some Hosta that had already been nibbled and the deer left them alone but started on some roses and lilies.

I then applied the product to the majority of my garden and left on a weeks holiday. NOTHING had been touched when we got home. Thanks.

Catherine MacLean
Huntsville ON Canada
July 2006

Hostas, Deer, Rabbits, Voles (Field Mice), and Squirrels
Deer can eat all your hosta plants in one evening, leaving just the stalks standing. Rabbits eat young shoots and bite off flower scapes. Squirrels will eat hosta leaves during a drought, and sometimes dig up plants. Voles chew on the roots of hostas, and a heavy infestation of voles may kill plants.

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