Jack rabbits deterred by Plantskydd

Jack rabbit infestation thwarted by Plantskydd

We Xeriscaped* our front yard last year-at great expense in terms of money, time and physical effort-just to watch our newly planted perennials get obliterated within 24 hours by the jack rabbit infestation that is plaguing our community.

Pretty much everything was eaten: cinquefoil, flowers of all kinds, fescue, bunch grasses, silver mound sage, yarrow, etc. Even the $60 Yucca plant was gnawed to nothing. We were forced to surround most of the remaining plants with highly “attractive” chicken wire, as it seemed the only way of saving our investment. Thank goodness for the internet, which gave us the means for discovering Plantskydd.

Three weeks ago we planted new perennials and gave them a spray of Plantkydd, experimenting with a concentration of 80 mil / 500 mil of water. Thus far the results have been nothing short of a miracle! I watch the rabbits from our front window avoiding or cruising by our yard at rapid speed …. it is a beautiful sight! Thank you Plantskydd. I will definitely be picking up the granular formulation on my next trip to the USA.

* Xeriscape – a style or design of landscape requiring little or no irrigation or maintenance, often used in arid regions

Rob S.
Calgary, Alberta
June 2011

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