Plantskydd works on flowering plants at Nursery

Overwinter deer browsing at our nursery.

We have a major problem with overwinter deer browsing at our nursery.

Particularly on fragrant viburnums, including our patented ‘American Spice’.

In the fall of 2009 you gave us Plantskydd Deer & Rabbit Repellent to try. Frankly I was skeptical.

I have tried almost all the other so-called repellents with little or no success.

I applied Plantskydd to several trial ‘American Spice’ in November. The following spring they were virtually untouched!  All the other viburnums had been stripped of flower buds and tender twigs.

I used Plantskydd again last year with equally positive results.  In addition to repeating an application to viburnums, I treated many of the ornamentals in our garden, including a flowering dogwood which we have never seen bloom due to deer browsing. After a light snow, I observed tracks where a deer approached the dogwood, circled it, and wondered off without nipping the first bud.  We look forward to seeing it bloom soon.

Again, thank you for introducing us to Plantskydd.  It works!

Andrew Duvall, President
Duvall Nursery, South Lyon, Michigan
April 2011

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