Plantskydd granular is the greatest at keeping rabbits off your lawn

Plantskydd granular works best to repel rabbits

I have tried many products and nothing kept rabbits away.

I googled and found this product. My husband spread the product and there have not been any rabbits on our lawn since he put the granular down.

I can’t believe this is not a household name. This product is AMAZING! PLANTSKYDD RABBIT GRANULAR IS THE GREATEST!

This product also works as a fertilizer, because we see the improvement of the lawn, from where the rabbits had eaten our grass.

Also, the customer service, is as good as it gets. Our bag arrived broken during shipping. The product came out of the bag it is packed in. I called the company and got a LIVE person, named Randy Johnston. Randy is is awesome. He is so nice and really cared. He did the right thing without any hassles. Randy sent out a replacement that arrived very quickly.

AWESOME PRODUCT, AWESOME SERVICE! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PLANTSKYDD RABBIT GRANULAR. If rabbits are eating your flowers and lawn, order this now. Thank you Randy.

Randee P.

August 2019

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