Vegetable Farming Plantskydd Testimonial


“30 whitetail deer crossing my small-truck, vegetable farm”

Just wanted to say thanks for a GREAT product that made my life easier. And to tell you some success stories I, and others, have experienced using the new Plantskydd ® Granular Repellent.

A couple of years ago I had a herd of 30 whitetail deer crossing my land. Their game trail went right through a field where I was planning to plant corn. Rather than put up a fence, I decided to use your new granular Plantskydd product. I dumped 40 lbs in a drop spreader to pull behind my garden tractor, and put down a 3 foot border around my field. Next, I rubbed out the tracks on the game trail so I could see how effective Plantskydd was. The deer always crossed during the night. Well, the next morning there was not a track to be found. And none for the rest of my growing season!

I have a small truck farm where I grow vegetables to sell at Farmer’s Markets as well as to supermarkets. Deer just love beet tops. I have had them eat a 100 foot row in one night ! Last year, when my beets came up, I put some granular Plantskydd in a spreader and applied the stuff down and around the outside row of the beets. The deer didn’t eat a bite. The key is to get the product down before the deer start nibbling.

Later in the spring, my pickers came and told me the deer had been eating the Zucchini. I took out the spreader and made one trip around the patch applying Plantskydd and the deer stayed out until after harvest.

We have such a deer problem in the valley that, when I tell folks in my garden seminars about your product, they jump right on it. Hooper’s Garden Center, in Kalispell, sent one of their customers to me desperate to see if I could help them save a $30,000 investment in flowers that were to be planted for a special event on a large estate (Two Totem Lodge, Ferndale, Montana). I sent them to the CHS Country Store (also in Kalispell), where they proceeded to clean all the Plantskydd granular off the shelf. The estate put in an order for fifty more 20 lbs bags this year.

The Plantskydd granular is my favorite repellent because: #1 it works, and #2, it is quick and easy to use. No mess, no fuss.


Bill Clanton
Kalispell, Montana
April 7, 2010

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