Heritage Hill Xmas Tree Farm


Heritage Hill Xmas Tree Farm

Dear Fellow Grower:

Do you have a deer browse problem? Excessive browsing can have serious economic consequences — growth suppression, yield reduction, deformity, and mortality of cash crops.

We have finally found a repellent that really works! It is a product called Plantskydd®, which consists of all natural ingredients and is effective for up to six months.

We have treated a number of fields with Plantskydd® during the last two years. Last year we treated 500 Fraser and exotic firs in one of Dr. John Frampton’s phytophthora research plots for North Carolina State University. In the treated research plot we experienced no damage. Just 18 feet below the treated area, in an untreated plot, we suffered severe browse.

We are so pleased with the effectiveness of Plantskydd® that we wanted to make it available to other fellow growers….

Let this be the year to outsmart the deer!

Rondal and Louise Farmer
Heritage Hill Xmas Tree Farm

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