“This is a much needed product in the agricultural community…”


J. Hudson Reese,

President of Reese Farms Inc.

I was able to farm out and monitor the results of the two samples of Plantskydd deer repellent you left with me last spring.

cucurbit-cropsOur neighbour applied the sample of powdered Plantskydd to a number of flowers and tomato varieties that were being heavily browsed by deer. They have a large deer population in his growing area and the deer love to eat the tender growth on many crops.

After spraying with Plantskydd, he reports that all browsing has stopped and the deer have not returned. he is very satisfied with the product and thanks us for introducing him to Plantskydd.

Another friend from Virginia applied Plantskydd to a field of pumpkins that were being browsed by deer. After application of Plantskydd, no additional damage was seen. He’s interested in Plantskydd for all his crops next year. Thanks for introducing Plantskydd to us.

This is a much needed product in the agricultural community, and we will do our part to introduce Plantskydd to our grower friends and customers.

Respectfully yours,
J. Hudson Reese, President,
Reese Farms, Inc.
South Boston, VA
November 15, 2001

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