“Plantskydd® is the real deal!”

Your product is the “real deal” as we say in Virginia.

We live on the edge of a large park, which encompasses several thousand acres of mostly second growth pine and hardwoods. The local deer herd has developed a routine and hit all the yards around us daily.

We have lived here for 5 years and we attempted to landscape with plants and shrubbery that deer “supposedly” were not fond of. We were not successful!!!

I discovered your website and bought the “Soluble Powder – Plantskydd®” product in the Spring of 2000 and applied it to all our shrubbery and ornamental plants that were being devastated by the deer grazing on them. We have had one visit from them since with very little damage and are thrilled with the results.

My brother-in-law who lives less than a quarter of a mile away is still suffering from their depradations. I have recommended he use your product but —you can only “lead a horse to water”.

Do you need any dealers in the lower 48?

Thomas W. McElwee Jr.,
Environmental Protection Specialist
Richmond VA

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