Dr. W. Davis Martin Research Biologist Testimonial


I am in the Agricultural Research business and have first hand experience with the damage caused each year by rabbit, deer and other animals not only in my own research plots but also to growers fields in general.  This type of damage cost the agricultural and forestry industry millions annually and appears to be on the increase.  I have observed Plantskydd applications on cucurbit crops such as pumpkin, squash and melons as well as soybean for the past two growing seasons in areas that have an extremely high deer population.  In treated areas, feeding and traffic damage has been very light as compared to neighboring farms where damage was significantly greater.  I would highly recommend Plantskydd deer and rabbit repellent to any grower or researcher who has these types of animal problems.

Dr. W. Davis Martin
Research Biologist – FMC Corporation
1116 Leighwood Trail
Halifax, VA  24558
February 28, 2004

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