Rabbits Won’t Be Tempted

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Gardener Sue Martin - freelance horticultural marketer, writer, speaker and consultant based in West Michigan
Sue Martin

Bunnies waiting to eat your greens?

You’ve spent the winter months pouring over seed catalogs and planning your garden for the new year. The seeds have sprouted, you’ve tilled the soil and added the compost. Now, you’re finally ready to plant! But you know that bunnies hiding nearby have those tender new shoots in their sights…

Can you relate?

We feel so sad for our followers who report that all of their hard work disappeared overnight because of browsing animals. Plantskydd can eliminate this worry for you!

Protect newly planted garden with Plantskydd granular & liquid

Before you head inside after planting, remember to protect your newly planted garden by sprinkling a generous amount of granular Plantskydd Animal Repellent on top of the soil around your seedlings. It is OMRI-Listed for Organic Use and perfectly safe to use on all your edible plants. And because it is high in Nitrogen, it even acts as a natural soil enhancement.

Plantskydd OMRI-Listed Products Available for the production of organic fruits and vegetables
Protect your plants with OMRI-Listed Plantskydd for Organic Use!

Mixing up your application with the liquid formulation will give you added protection and won’t wash off in the rain.

Shop local!

Find a garden center near you that carries the product.

Those bunnies, voles, squirrels and chipmunks will quickly realize your garden is off-limits before they ever take the first bite. Sometimes you just need to show ‘em who’s the boss!

–Gardener Sue–

Freelance horticultural marketer, writer, speaker and consultant based in West Michigan

Originally published April 12, 2019 – https://www.facebook.com/PlantskyddDeerRepellent/photos/a.2149459498475951/2152861984802369

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