Protecting New Apple Trees from Deer Damage

New Dwarf Apple Trees, 2013, 2014, 2015

We planted 101 new dwarf apple trees this year (2013) and they came out so well, we plan on putting in another 200 next year. We are in Northern Vermont and we have more than our share of deer. An orchardist friend of mine told me I’d never be able to grow a single tree without a 10 foot fence. We dipped the trees in Plantskydd prior to planting (on Mothers Day, May 11) and have sprayed the 3rd time as of August 8. As long as we keep the new growth sprayed the deer do not bother them. Thanks again for all your help Richard!

“After 3 years our efforts are bearing fruit.”

Howard Davis,
Peggy’s Orchard, Vermont

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