Finally – A Deer repellent That Works – Now Available to Home Gardener

ATLANTA – May 31, 2002 – Plantskydd Press Release

Plantskydd® Animal Repellent, proven effective in protecting roses, shrubs, fruit trees and other plants from deer, elk, moose, rabbits and opossum, is now available to home gardeners in ready to use liquid or powder concentrate.

Developed in Sweden and now manufactured in the U.S., Plantskydd is an environmentally friendly, 100% natural product formulation of bloodmeal and vegetable oils that is non-toxic when used and applied as directed. Plantskydd Soluble Powder has been listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in production of organic food and fiber.

Three years of drought in the Southeastern U.S. and other pockets throughout the country have put a tremendous pressure on deer and other wildlife population to find new sources of food. Plantskydd actually repels deer and other creatures even before they bite because the product emits an odor, while not offensive to applicants or plants, that browsing animals associate with predator activity.

Extensive field testing by industry foresters and professional landscapers has proven that Plantskydd is the most effective animal repellent for any garden. Recent studies from the USDA’s National Wildlife Research Centre report that, of 20 repellents tested, Plantskydd was consistently one of the most effective deer repellents available.

Plantskydd also offers home gardeners an added benefit. Because this natural repellent is rich in nitrogen and other minerals, it acts to fertilize garden plants at the same time it’s protecting them from animal browsing.

A Plantskydd treatment lasts up to six months over winter or up to four months during the active summer growing season. Ideally, the solution is applied in the early morning or late afternoon out of full sunlight and before any rain or watering. Reapplication of the product is necessary as new growth appears.