Managing Deer Damage to Newly Planted Grape Vines Using Plantskydd Deer Repellent Spray

Name: Jack Ringe, Farm Manager, Precept Wines.

Location: near Walla Walla, Washington.

Overview of the situation: 155 acre vineyard planted in stages over the last few years with deer now roaming throughout. Deer damage has become intolerable, especially on the youngest 50 acres. Riparian zones run through the property making fencing impractical.

Fungicide / Plantskydd Compatibility: The first two applications were made using a handheld wand and spraying Plantskydd alone. 1.1 lb of Plantskydd powder concentrate was mixed in each 5 gallon batch. The third application was tank mixed with a fungicide and sprayed with the vineyard sprayer.

Tank Mix: Spirotetramat @ 6 floz/ac, Mineral Oil @ 11.45 ga/ac, Triflumizole @ 4 floz/ac, Plantskydd @ 4 lb/ac and water @ 50 ga/ac. No phytotoxicity to report.

Full report & Pictures: 2016 Precept Field Trial Report PDF


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