Protect your beautiful garden, crops, and yard from deer, elk and moose.

Plantskydd stops deer before they bite.

(without the fence!)

Plantskydd is the #1 most tested, #1 most effective and #1 longest lasting deer and animal repellent, proven by professional growers and landscapers.

Here’s What Others Are Saying:

Plantskydd Testimonials

I have only had to apply Plantskydd once this season!   Last summer a family of deer ate the buds off approximately 75 lilies on my property. At the height of summer, the flowers I count on to add color to my property didn’t appear. Instead I just had green leaves and empty green stems…. Read More

Award Winning Landscape & Garden Design Company

We have used all of the deer repellents out there. Plantskydd Deer Repellent is the only one that has done the job for us !

Preventing Sunflower Deer Damage with Plantskydd

Sunflowers protected with Plantskydd Deer Rabbits Voles Repellent

We firmly believe the application of Plantskydd gave us a decent sunflower harvest for wintertime bird feeding!

Gardening: Wacky weather sends wrong signals to plants

Gardening: Wacky weather sends wrong signals to plants Nancy Szerlag, Special to The Detroit News     December 31, 2015 The leaves of spring blooming bulbs are emerging in many gardens thanks to the unseasonably warm winter weather. That’s not unusual and it shouldn’t keep the bulbs from flowering in spring, although they may bloom a week… Read More

Plantskydd Testimonials

Roses for the first time in years too!   Best stuff! I finally have flowers in my front yard after more than 5 years! You have no idea how grateful I am. 6 out of 8 houses on my cul-de-sac are using this product. Roses for the first time in years too! Thank you SOOO… Read More

Plantskydd Testimonials

“We’re actually going to have a decent rose show in our yard this year.”   We have a neighborhood herd of about 13 head of deer that love to snack on our rose bushes, annuals, and azaleas. The only thing that has worked with any sort of consistency for us is Plantskydd deer repellant. It’s working so… Read More

It’s A Natural Animal Repellent.

Non-toxic, chemical-free Plantskydd is the first animal repellent listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for food production.

Safe for children, pets and other kinds of wild life.
Plantskydd can be safely used on treating carrots
Safe for use in vegetable gardens, on fruit trees and food crops.

With Plantskydd, It is quick and easy to keep persistent deer away from your garden.

To keep mischievous deer away from your garden, use our liquid RTU or powder concentrate to cover plants above 2 feet.  For extra protection, use our granular around the perimeter.