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Last year our flower garden was wiped-out by deer and rabbits.


Last year our flower garden set up for butterflies and hummingbirds was wiped-out by deer and rabbits. The deer and rabbits ate the Hibiscus, Firecracker, Coral Honeysuckle, Lantana and buds from other flowering plants we had planted.  We have an infra-red Trail Cam set up in the backyard, so we could see the photos the next day of the deer eating our flowering plants. 

We tried a few different remedies with no luck and then we tried Plantskydd. The Plantskydd really worked. This season we have used Plantskydd repellent from the very first planting. It has worked perfectly.  We still see the deer in the backyard on the Trail Cam photos but they do not go near the plants sprayed with Plantskydd. 

I had to write and tell you how well this product works. We use the liquid form on the plant and the powdered form in the hole when we initially place the plants in the ground. It is amazing to me it has worked so well as a repellent. Thank you very much for sponsoring this excellent product. It works so much better than I ever dreamed it could do.

I have attached photos from our backyard Trail Cam.  It shows the deer in our backyard at night just a few feet from our flower garden. They still come in the backyard but they do not touch the plants. The first photo has a local fox in it as well.

Also the plants love the liquid form of Plantskydd.

All the best.

Greg Nikiel
Tallahassee, FL
June 2013


deer in flowere garden at night

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