Comparative Evaluation of Plantskydd® and Treeguard©


In late August 1997, TimberWest – Sandspit Division, British Columbia, received and planted 520-550 hotlift cedar 415 D plugs.
We open planted these trees with three different treatments:

  1. Control (no treatment) – 100 trees
  2. Treeguard© – 225 trees
  3. Plantskydd® – 225 trees

All trees were fertilized with a SCHIRP teabag.

The Plantskydd® and Treeguard© was applied and allowed to thoroughly dry before planting.

After planting the site was visited on a fairly regular basis (monthly) and browse condition was noted after a walk through… after the first month there was not much browse noted in all three treatment regimes. Deer at this point in time are not aggressively looking for food. There is still lots of forage around.

After 2 1/2 months browse was noted on the control trees in varying degrees. The Treeguard© had some leaders and laterals clipped. Very little browse was noted on the Plantskydd® trees.

It should be noted as these were hotlifted trees planted in the late summer, there would not have been any shoot elongation only root egress. Therefore the efficacy of treatment would have been complete and constant over all of the foliage for the duration of this trial through the winter.

From 2 1/2 months and on the levels of browse increased. The Plantskydd® trees went through time fairly unscathed until the 6 – 7th months. At this time browse was noted on approx. 30-35% of the trees. The longer period of effectiveness is attributed to fewer daylight hours this far north over the fall and winter months. This also verifies claims that the emulsion does not wash off over time but it indeed photo-degrades.

This extended effectiveness compares to 4-5 months in the longer daylight hours of the spring and early summer.

TimberWest Forest Ltd.
Jon K. Orpana F.I.T.

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