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Deer avoided plants for as much as half the year.
Even the raccoons found other gardens to pilfer from.


RaccoonI trialed Plantskydd several years ago in an area of severely high deer pressure. Rabbits and voles were also a problem. We applied the product in the early spring.

The test area was a large vegetable and herb garden, designed to duplicate a garden of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. PRIME territory for the animals!

~ It was successful in repelling animals for many weeks, even after rainfall and numerous irrigation cycles. To the best of my recollection, we observed the first nibbles after about three months. It might have been longer than that. We saw animals in the vicinity, but they did not chow down of the treated area. Even the raccoons, often a real nuisance in a vegetable garden, found other gardens to pilfer from.

~ It smells to high heaven. That part of it fades after a few days, but I wouldn’t plan any outdoor family gatherings for awhile.

~ We also sprayed some on favorite broadleaf evergreens in this same area to test the effectiveness over the winter. The deer avoided those plants for many months, maybe as much as half the year.

We found it a bit difficult to mix, but worth the effort (obviously). The company also makes a granular product, but I have not tested that.


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June 2011


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