Bower & Branch Endorses Plantskydd

Bower & Branch Endorses Plantskydd Animal Repellent as part of it’s trusted products for consumers.


St. Joseph, MO—March 7, 2017 – Claude P. Boisvert, president of Tree World PlantCareProductsInc., today announced         Bower&Branch has endorsed its line of Plantskydd® Animal Repellents —the #1 choice of professional growers, nurseries, landscapers and foresters, who rely on it to protect their trees, shrubs, flowers and food crops. ( Plantskydd , pronounced ‘plant-skid’, is Swedish for ‘Plant Protection’.)

“The Bower & Branch endorsement of Plantskydd— an ‘OMRI Listed’ organic repellent for deer, rabbits, voles and other critters—is a trusted recommendation—ensuring the consumer his/her investment in plants is safely protected,” said Claude P. Boisvert, president of Tree World Plant Care Products.

“This product endorsement aligns well with our brand and, more importantly, its positioning in the Independent Retailer marketplace,” added Sid Raisch, President & CEO of Bower & Branch —a group of independent growers and retailers servicing the New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Midwest regions since 2015.

“Bower & Branch growers began using Plantskydd years ago and endorse it fully for all trees and all garden needs,” Raisch continued. Plantskydd Repellents are the #1 most tested, most effective, and longest lasting animal repellents a consumer can buy, and are considered the most environmentally safe available.

Plantskydd ’s long-term effectiveness is attributable to its tenacity in sticking to plants—even under severe snow/rainfall conditions—up to 6 months over winter, 3-4 months in summer.

Plantskydd works by emitting an odor animals associate with predator activity. The National Wildlife Research Center , Olympia, WA, proved odor-based repellents are more effective than other repellent systems; where the animal needs to taste treated plants before being repelled. Animals avoid Plantskydd treated plants before they bite—not after!

“Bower & Branch was introduced to Plantskydd by one of our member retailers—Martin’s Garden Center in Wellsboro, PA. Dale Martin had been using the product for several years with great success,” said Don Eaton, Founder of Bower & Branch. “We then introduced the product to Eaton Farms , our Premier Tree Grower, for 3 years of testing and application prior to the endorsement being awarded.

“Plantskydd works effectively, both in cost and performance, and has proven to be the only repellent that can provide plant protection control over long periods and through all weather conditions. Tree World Plant Care Products also earned the endorsement due to its unwavering commitment to the Independent Garden Retailer, the core of our program,” said Eaton.

Bower & Branch ‘Retailer Members’ offer consumers looking for specialty trees direct online web access to the Growers Tree Selection. After their purchase, customers have online access to the Growers plant care knowledge—to ensure their trees lifetime success. A 3-Year Guarantee is available to ensure confidence and success.

Plantskydd Repellents are available at Member Garden Centers around the country.

Tree World Plant Care Products, Inc.

Manufacturer & Distributor —Plantskydd® Animal Repellents USA: 1421 S. 11th Street, St. Joseph, MO, 64503 CANADA: 4466 Stalashen Dr, Sechelt, British Columbia, V0N 3A1

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