Spray Application & Mixing Powder Concentrate

With Plantskydd repellents, it is effective to use all year round. Learn how you can apply our products on your plants throughout all the different seasons of the year.

Whether you are using a small hand-held-sprayer, or a back-pack-sprayer for large scale applications, be sure to watch these Plantskydd Spray Application Videos with Mary Machon, owner, Bensell Greenhouse, Toledo, Ohio.

Fall – Winter Spray Application

Spring – Summer Spray Application

Videos Produced by: Bensell Greenhouse, 5720 Dorr St., Toledo, Ohio
Bensell not only sells Plantskydd Repellents, their Landscaping business also applies it for their customers’ properties. 

In order for your repellent to be most effective, please follow the below instructions with our repellent spray application.

Plantskydd Spray Application


  • APPLY ON DRY PLANTS – rainfast in 24 hours 

  • For Deer & Elk – Dip/Spray mainly tops of plant — until wet but not dripping.

  • For Rabbits – spray stem and lower leaves.

  • Ornamentals — spray mainly on leaves of plants until wet – avoid blossoms.


  • Needles/leaves darken temporarily after treatment — original color returns in 18-36 hours.

  • Apply at above freezing temperature.

  • Avoid application in direct hot sunlight — for best results, apply in early morning or late afternoon.

  • Treating Pine seedlings during bud flush is not recommended (OK before/after bud flush period).

  • Allow to dry 24 hours before watering plants.

  • Rinse sprayer, gloves and planting equipment after use.

  • If sprayer clogs, rinse in hot water.

  • Use mixed solution within a few days.

Powder Concentrate Mixing Instructions



Mixing tips for large batches of Plantskydd powder concentrate

* a paint-mixer stir attachment for cordless electric drills is very effective when mixing Plantskydd powder concentrate in 5 gallons pails of water.

* high speed mixing and/or prolonged agitation will produce excessive foam.

* If anti-foamer additive is used, add it to mixture just before pouring into backpack type sprayers.

* once mixed, strain the solution through the strainer included in packaging to remove any undisolved particles.

Mixing Powder Concentrate & Spray Application – Forestry / Silviculture

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