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Plantskydd Testimonials

"VOLE update:  There is absolutely no sign of voles.  No holes, no mounds, no damage."

I actually worked in my flower bed this weekend, doing some preliminary cleaning. So, I was able to really survey the situation. There is absolutely no sign of voles. No holes, no mounds, no damage. I actually have black eyed susan plants (rudbeckia) that overwintered for the first time in 15 years.  They are usually the first to go, followed by the yarrow.

I was reviewing my notes from last year, and by the first of April, the vole holes were everywhere. I sprayed what plants are currently growing with the powdered mix yesterday. I think that the bunnies are snacking. They have had four feet of snow to contend with since mid-December, so I guess that they might be hungry and looking for a treat. They have never been my "nemisis", so I don't mind them too much, but if I can give my early spring plants a break from the snacking, they should do really well this year.

I have some of the spray left, and I phoned my elderly neighbor who indicates that she has hundreds of voles.  Mine probably went to live there!  I am going to her home this afternoon to spray with what I have left.


Cheryl A. Martin
Franktown, CO
March 2007


April 2008 - UPDATE - It's magic!

It has been three years since I began using Plantskydd. No voles, No deer, No bunny damage. And nothing poisonous that I worry will hurt squirrels or birds, or my dogs. It's magic!!

Cheryl Martin


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