Plantskydd In The NEWS Keep moose off trees and shrubs during winter


An overwinter Plantskydd application lasts ‘only’ six months.

Anchorage Daily News-April 3rd, 2008

Don’t pretend it isn’t spring

I know spring is here when readers tell me their plants are all of a sudden doing much better. Mother Nature may tease us from day to day, but Father Time is advancing the hours of daylight without fail. Houseplants, not to mention outdoor spring bulbs, are telling us that spring is here.

Well, it’s an Alaska version of spring. We have warm days and nasty ones, but still there are garden chores to accomplish. Planting out is only about six weeks away.

I doubt many Outside gardeners need to be reminded of one sure sign of spring we have here: The bears are up and hungry and looking for sunflower-seed-filled bird feeders. It is time to take down those feeders and put leftover seed in a bear-proof location.

And I am pretty sure most Outside gardeners are not concerned that Plantskydd, which keeps moose off trees and shrubs during winter, should be reapplied now because an application lasts only six months. If you haven’t used Plantskydd, you may want to now to keep moose away from tasty buds.

This is also the time of year when there is enough daylight that supplemental lights are not needed to grow seedlings indoors for use in your outdoor garden — provided you have good light from a south-facing window. Obviously, it still makes sense to use lights if you have them….

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