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“How to keep moose from eating your trees and garden”

by Handyman Eric Hughes – Sept. 11, 2007

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Are you trying to keep a beautiful tree in your yard, but moose just aren’t cooperating?

Handyman Eric Hughes shows you how 2 keep your yard moose-free with a couple of great ideas for moose repellent. Alaska Mill Feed & Garden Center offers some great products to perform upkeep and maintenance on your yard.

Some great moose repellent products can be sprayed on your trees, shrubbery and garden ornamentals that will keep the wildlife out of your yard for up to six months. One great product, Plantskydd Repellent, developed in Sweden, prevents deer, rabbits and elk, among other wildlife, from wandering your yard for food. It’s now made in the U.S. and is a 100 percent dried bovine blood product.

Another unusual but effective product is 100% Wolf Urine, developed by Leg Up Enterprises, a natural product designed to emit a predatory scent against the moose population.

There are a few different methods to apply these products. Plantskydd Repellent can be sprayed onto your trees to deter moose. It’s blood, though, and will leave your trees a bit bloody. Change the spray option to squirt to hit the high branches on your trees or use a ladder. Cover the entire tree and especially places the moose may be coming to feast.

Unfortunately, Plantskydd Repellent really smells awful. Read the instructions for application. Plantskydd will last up to six months during the winter time, and about four months during summer time’s active growing season. Apply the repellent 24 hours before rain or watering. Test the product on a small portion of a tree if you’re worried about discoloration.

The wolf urine is a good product too, particularly for areas with high moose traffic. A dispenser is hung on trees or shrubs filled with cotton balls that absorb the potent wolf urine. It’s an application process that should be repeated monthly. Scent guards – basically a cotton swab attached to a golf tee – can be saturated with wolf urine and placed around flower shrubs and garden ornamentals to keep the moose away. A serious way to defend against moose is to fence in your trees.

Sept. 11, 2007