Controlling deer & rabbit damage to trees & garden

Morton County Soil Conservation District is recommending Plantskydd®

KXMC-TV – Online – 07/08/2009

Tree Pest

Keeping pests off your trees and out of your garden can be challenging. Levi Binstock with the Morton County Soil Conservation District says he has had numerous calls about what to do with rabbits and deer causing tree and garden damage.

Binstock is recommending the new repellent Plantskydd. The repellent is 100 percent natural and gives off an odor, so the animals never even taste the plant.

He says most of the damage has been on seedlings.He says typically predators go for fruit trees. But this year the ponderosa pines were the tasty food of choice.

 “This year being it was such a tough winter. They went ahead and ate the pine treats. Most of the calls that I had were on ponderosa pines. I had some where it was just the needles eaten off and I had some where they had eaten it all the way down to the ground where they had to completely replace the tree. If the needles are just eaten off sometimes they will come back, but we did sell a lot of replacements. That tree was completely eaten off. If you have any questions about Plantskydd or controlling animals in your yard you can all the Morton County Soil Conservation District.”

-Levi Binstock / Morton County Soil Conservationist-