Plantskydd In The News

Deer Prepare for Annual Spring Banquet

April 5, 2002 – Plantskydd Press Release

Just when you were beginning to wonder if the gray drizzle would last forever, the sun breaks through, the lilac buds begin to swell and the bud nodes on your rose bush start to show potential. It’s that time of year. All around the country excitement is stirring in the hearts of every doe and buck as they anticipate the upcoming feast.

There’s no need to send out invitations, you can pretty well guarantee that they’ll be visiting your backyard if you’re serving fruit tree twig tips or rose bush buds. Of course if you’re one of those misanthropes who doesn’t want to share the fruits of your labor with your four-legged friends, you’d best act soon.

Now is the time to take serious steps to persuade local wildlife to look elsewhere for their spring treats. For those of you feeling discouraged after years of losing trees and bushes to hungry deer, take heart. There’s a new weapon in the battle against browsers. Plantskydd® Animal Repellent is now being manufactured in the U.S. and, for the first time, is available to backyard gardeners.

This 100% natural product was developed in Sweden, where commercial forest plantations were being decimated by deer, moose and rabbits. Plantskydd’s effectiveness as a long lasting, browse damage deterrent (up to six months) has been substantiated by numerous field trials. Testing done by Louisiana State University Agricultural Center “…indicated that Plantskydd protected up to 90% of the seedlings sprayed. “Field trials conducted in the Malheur National forest in Oregon prompted researchers to conclude that Plantskydd is better than other products at reducing the severity of browse damage. Numerous other studies in Sweden, Canada, New Zealand and the U.S. have confirmed the repellent’s effectiveness in protecting trees and row crops from elk, opossum and rabbits as well.

One reason for this product’s success rate is that it repels the animals before they take that first bite. Researchers agree that it’s much easier to prevent wildlife from sampling a new territory than it is to persuade them to leave an area they’ve regularly visited. In other words once they’ve found a dining spot they like, animals will tend to keep coming back, determined to re-sample that tasty seedling they discovered last year. So spray your trees and bushes now, before your garden gets on the deers’ top ten list.